Diapers & Pull Ups for Older Kids: A Mom’s Experience

Finding resources to help pay for supplies

We live in the US. It’s a big country with 50 states, and each state has different waivers and Medicaid coverage for your special needs child. Many US states have a state waiver that first gets the child on Medicaid and gets them other waiver services. Some states have Medicaid buy-ins for the disabled, which will get them Medicaid for a monthly fee based on income once they have been determined disabled.

  • Family Voices has links to each state which will connect you to some helpful information.

Our experience through the years

I will tell you my experience through the years with my son and his incontinence supplies. We live in Colorado. When my son was 4 he was put on a state disability waiver called CES (Children’s Extensive Support). Getting this made him eligible for Medicaid. Because he was 4 and it is known that most 4 year olds would be potty trained, incontinence supplies are covered as a medical need. We had an appointment with my son’s doctor to talk about it during a visit and then he wrote a note in his chart that he needs incontinence supplies.

Diapers or pull ups?

One thing to think about is: Do you use diapers or pull ups? Diapers are nice because not all the bottom half of clothes and shoes have to come off to get the diaper on like they do with pull ups. Unfortunately, I’ve found they don’t fit my son right and tend to bunch up too much around his groin area; then they end up sagging or slipping off and it’s just a mess. We like pull ups because of the elastic waistband that keeps the pull up snug while also being absorbent.

Survey says…

What about you? What brands do you love? Which ones didn’t work and why? Share your experience with the Syngap community in this Facebook survey/discussion on the SRF SYNGAP1 Global Community page.



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