Standing room only at SRF 1st Annual SynGAP Roundtable!

The 1st Annual SRF SynGAP Roundtable, 6 December 2019, Baltimore, MD. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Vice Chancellor Lowenstein opening the Roundtable. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Standing. Room. Only. Photo: P. Halliburton.

Summary of presentations

Rick taking a question as Dan & Jimmy look on. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Dr. Holder giving an update on the IPSC work in his lab and that of Dr. Rumbaugh. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Prof. Scheffer is remarkable. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Dr. Araki giving hope to all the parents in the room while getting all the scientists to listen carefully. Photo: P. Halliburton.
Prof. Petrou of The Florey Institute helping everyone see the future with ASOs. Photo: P. Halliburton.

Save the date! The 2nd Annual SRF SynGAP Roundtable will be December 4th, 2020 at 8 AM at the Sheraton Grand Seattle.

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